2018 Fall Belt Promotionals
2018 Fall Belt Promotionals



We are continually adjusting our teaching, training cycles and schedule to accommodate the new reality of virtual and communal, social-safety instruction. We've mainly been catching up on basic technique, and will focus on partner drills when things get back to normal, hopefully by the beginning of the New Year. Virtual (zoom) classes do count the same as regular classes. End-of-the-month Belt testings can be held individually, with a family volunteer holding any needed kicking targets, which doesn't require any particular skill or strength. Virtual testings can be held with enough space to perform strong stances in Forms, which is our main, physical requirement for advancement. Training equipment can be purchased without contact through us or online. As always, any student restarting will start from the point they left off. 

Our Class schedules will remain the same through August, with any individual changes coming with one-on-one, E-mail communication. Zoom invitations will also be sent out by E-mail for those with an interest, with the same link being able to be used with all the classes, and no password required. With the pandemic situation changing almost daily, we continue to adjust accordingly, and look forward to a time when all the schedules can remain the same. 

Disinfecting Bleach Solution:
1/2 cup Bleach added to 1 gallon of water.

(And don't forget to sanitize your phones, which harbor all sorts of germs in your pocket.)

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Ingredients:

2/3 cup 99% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or ethanol

1/3 cup aloe vera gel
8-10 drops essential oil, optional (such as lavender, vanilla, peppermint, grapefruit)
bowl and spoon
recycled liquid soap or hand sanitizer bottle

Curriculum books are available for purchase, with Forms step-by-step printed out, requirements for each belt, and Program information.

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You'll find a lot of information available about martial arts, taekwondo, and our program at www.facebook.com/napataekwono (no log-in required). New Content includes: Martial arts is more about Self Improvement than Self-defense, What is the difference between thinking and meditating, How Martial arts training can stop Bullying, Life Lessons you may not expect from Martial arts, 4 Things Martial arts teaches you about compassion. Inspirational quotes can also be found, along with Event posts, Class videos, photos, and announcements!

You're welcome to use our Wi-Fi for any emergencies you may have.  Our Wi-Fi password is: abc1234def (10 Characters)

Free DVD Videos of all Belt Testings and Events are available opposite our Entrance.

...Includes 2019 Year Highlights Video!

You can see a Photo Timeline of all our events for the 2019 year online at: www.facebook/napataekwondo (no need to log-in)

The best compliment you can give your instructors is to recommend your School to others. We are offering "VIP" passes, which are Good for 2 weeks of free classes plus a free uniform. These are special passes available to our students (located on the top of our Pro-Shop display cabinet) to hand out to their friends and family. With each VIP referral pass returned, the student will receive 6 Dojang dollars, worth $2.00 each towards the purchase of items in our Pro-Shop.


The number of classes you have towards testing for your next Belt level are listed by your initials. This listing is updated on the last weekend of each month, and was last updated on Sunday, September 6, 2020. So if you want an exact count, then add the number of classes you have attended since that date....

AD/46... AL/22... AO/13... BC/2... BraP/149... BreP/40... BY/7... CC/38... CD/26... CE/213... CK/43... CSv/100... CW/19... CY/13... DA/60... DB/28... DC/58... DL/13... DO/14... DP/9... EA/4... EG/10... EJ/29... ES/14... EZ/45... FW/3... GG/4... GK/241... HS/46... HW/154... IC/173... JoC/74... JuC/10... JD/10... JJa/51... JJo/48... KB/76... KN/46... LaC/15... LC/9... LK/258... LN/15... LS/153... LT/35... LW/27... MA/2... MB/68... MasB/10... MC/8... MD/29... MM/27... MS/6... NO/9... PR/16... QW/16... RB/26... RO/5... SMc/13... SMo/3... SP/9... SS/6... TB/22... TF/134... TJ/29... TP/7... VG/9... WC/3... WM/11... ZA/9... ZD/161...


Attending (1) "A" day, and (1) "B" day weekly is the first prerequisite step in achieving your next Belt level, followed by acquiring the minimum number of classes required. You will also have to be proficient in all of your required material(forms, kicks, self-defense, etc.), as well as have good conduct and a good attitude.

Belt Level

Minimum Number of Classes

White Belt to White-stripe

12 Classes

White-stripe Belt to Yellow Belt

12 Classes

Yellow Belt to Yellow-stripe

12 Classes

Yellow-stripe Belt to Green Belt

12 Classes

Green Belt to Green-stripe

15 Classes

Green-stripe Belt to Purple Belt

15 Classes

Purple Belt to Purple-stripe

15 Classes

Purple-stipe Belt to Blue Belt

15 Classes

Blue Belt to Blue-stripe

30 Classes

Blue-stripe Belt to Red Belt

36 Classes

Red Belt to Red-stripe

36 Classes

Red-stripe Belt to Brown Belt

40 Classes

Brown Belt to Brown-stripe

40 Classes

Brown-stripe Belt to Black Belt

48 Classes

1st Degree Black Belt to 2nd Degree

348 Classes

Classes you attend each week must include one class before Wednesday ("A" day) for Forms, and one class after Wednesday ("B" day) for Self-defense. If you have a son or daughter is in the Advanced youth class, then he or she must include at least one Wednesday sparring (additional class) each month to be eligible for advancement.
While Wednesday sparring classes can't replace Self-defense classes as far as material, they do count towards the minimum number of classes required for you to test, and are open to anyone who is a Green belt or higher.

Anyone may begin attending the "Teen & Adult" class upon reaching the age of 13, which is also the oldest you can be to participate in the "9 & Up" classes. The oldest you can be to attend the "Color Belt" classes is eleven (11).