Men & Women's

Self-Defense Seminars

While martial arts' training is an excellent personal-development and self-defense activity, not everyone has the time and schedule for regular, weekly training. Unfortunately, bad things can happen to good people.

How would you respond in the event you and/or your family or loved one was threatened with violence?

Do you wonder whether you are physically able to defend yourself against an attacker, even when the attacker is much larger and stronger?

Whether you have self-defense training or not, do you have a plan "A" as an automatic response to a threatening situation?

Do you wonder about the possibility of multiple attackers?

Do you wonder if you will "freeze up" during the adrenaline dump of a violent confrontation?

Do you worry about the legal ramifications of preemptively striking first and/or using extreme force against an attacker?

This is not a martial arts, sport, or fitness class. Just simple, easy-to-learn defensive techniques that always work.

At the end of our seminar, you will have all the tools needed to not only overcome any fear but be able to take out a much larger, stronger attacker with no problem whatsoever in 3 moves or less

Seminars typically last 90 minutes, separated for men and women age 18 and older and allowing for different priorities and situations (i.e. female teens), with normal dress, no shoes, with or without socks.

Women's class includes safety, non-physical preventative techniques including how to say "no" and establishing boundaries, overcoming fear, self-defense scenarios, active shooters, and making self-defense part of your everyday life.

 Men's class includes the justifiable use of force, de-escalating techniques, and dealing with multiple attackers.

Our next Seminars are scheduled for:

(Class size is limited)

Women's: TBA

Men's: TBA

"We girls LOVED the self defense class and can't wait to do another! We all feel so much more empowered and capable of defending ourselves should we need it."     -Asha B.

Call with any questions, and to schedule your next opportunity:

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